So this post is on Apple's terrible iPod keyboard in a McDonalds in Saint Petersburg. I'll be brief, but I wanted to write from the middle of our trip here because that is way more exciting and very web2.0 and all that crap. As some of you know, BYU's Russian study abroad program is usually held in St. Petersburg, but due to difficulties was switched to Moscow this year. Being here now, I can't help but feel a little cheated. Where Moscow is all business, mean people, dirt, and everything else I don't care about or despise, St. Pete is artsy, clean, happy, and beautiful and everything that is good. Oh well, so goes the works.

In any case, I'm already looking into coming back here before our time in Moscow is up, and for longer since we weren't involved in planning this trip (but as Paige notes to me now, it was free thanks to a donor) and Paige and I are already planning a future vacation to the Crimean and St. Pete. Maybe the next Dayley reunion?

Anyway, see you back in Moscow Purgatory! I'm off to wander through the White Nights!