A couple of weeks ago I went running in Ukraine and became a magnet for stray dogs. The skinniest, mangiest, and otherwise completely submissive creatures suddenly became raging beasts when they noticed me running--and it was kind of scary.
Russians and Ukrainians don't usually think aerobic exercise, or any kind of exercise in general, is needed to maintain good health. Although many will admit that it improves the human figure, most avoid it because they believe that if you start exercising, and then down the road sometime stop, you'll end up gaining more weight than if you had never exercised in the first place. An interesting theory, but the point is that you NEVER see people jogging over here--even the animals aren't used to it, which is I guess why they come after you the instant you enter their line of sight.
So anyhow I've tried a variety of things to try to make exercise possible here. I went jogging in the stairwell in our 8-story apartment building but found the lack of air-circulation and lingering cigarette smoke stifling. I've looked at fitness clubs that all want way too much money to use their facilities. I looked into yoga and again can't find a really good option.
I was getting discouraged because Worth and I just took a jogging class in the winter and I had gotten up to a decent speed and distance before coming here. I shared my frustrations with Worth--and he said we should try running on the street.
I feel terrible because it's essentially my fault he got bitten--I already knew the tendency that dogs have in this part of the world to attack anyone going faster than 4 mph. And we shouldn't have risked it but I was feeling a bit caged in this huge city and thought it would be ok. At least the dog that bit him was wearing a muzzle (of sorts) that only allowed him to sink his teeth into Worth's leg instead of taking out a chunk....
But anyhow--we certainly did get our exercise yesterday trekking around the city for ten hours hunting rabies shots. And we're guaranteed at least a little more exercise from this experience since Worth needs five more shots to complete the series.