So here's the Official Dayley's Study Abroad Blog™. This will save us a crapload of time emailing and such and also serve as a defacto travel journal for our more memorable experiences (if there are any) both in this week of homelessness leading up to our departure, our week revisiting our mission-lands in Ukraine, our train-based adventures on our way into Russia, and of course, our 3-ish months in Moscow.
Keep in mind, though, that this isn't a mission and we will have regular computer and internet access complete with Skype phone calling, emails, flickr accounts, facebooking, and blogging. We'll also have cellphones and home phones both of which should be fairly accessible by Skype-Out calling (which is like 1cent a minute or something) and international calling cards which are similarly cheap. Our numbers and such will be made available to whoever would like them, but obviously wont be posted publically on this blog.
On a related note, the more interesting part of this blog is my flickr feed at the very bottom. This will always show the 5 most recent pictures I've posted to my flickr account as well as a link to my photostream. I'll have an album in there for my sketches and there will be an album for the trip as well. Go there to see the most recent photos for all our adventures.

Anyway, I know only about half a handful of you will really care to follow this blog, and another half a handful will just add the rss feed to their readers and waste all of my intense design work, but I'm not really narcissistic enough to believe that any more people than that care about what I think about anything. So follow our adventures, if you care to, and I'll try to be as witty as my soon-to-be diminished English will allow!

Let the adventures begin.