Some of you who received my mission emails may remember me talking every random once and a while about what I termed as "Urban Wildlife". We don't really have much of this at all in America do to animal control programs and shelters and such, and I suppose that that's for the better, but I've always enjoyed having ownerless animals in the city with me as I go about my business. Here's a link I just found:

City dogs have been bred for years to be wary of humans, and only feel confident enough to be punks when they get in large packs and don't run into humans too much. I've been entertained to be walking along on my way to somewhere only to be suddenly joined by a dog who briskly trots along the sidewalk with me only to purposefully turn down a side road on his way to somewhere. The animals have their own business to tend to just as we do, it seems, and it appears that they've recently taken to riding the subways here. I suspect it happens more often in the winter than the summer, but it still adds to the weirdo images in my head of dogs living and working, minding their own business and building lives for themselves in the big city.